The Requisite Introductory Post

Hello internet!

I’m Holly. I’m a dancer.

I am many other things, but mostly I’m a dancer, and have been my whole life. I started in ballet classes at age 3 when my mom took one look at her mortifyingly uncoordinated daughter and bought leotards and tights. I kept up with it–mostly because that was all I knew–and when I was a teenager I was accepted into the local pre-professional company. I danced classical Vagonova ballet with a heavy dose of Balanchine until I left for college. After an agonizing first semester, I found Ballroom.

Four years of training, competing, and performing later, I am the coach of the SU Ballroom Team. I teach all levels, choreograph pieces for the more dedicated members, and generally am the den mother for a crazy bunch of friends. I look forward to sharing my experiences and opinions on all sorts of dancing.

Come join me as I shout into the void!

Joke’s on my mom, I’m still mortifyingly uncoordinated–everywhere except the dance floor.

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