Past Performances: Rochester Dances

Good morning and welcome back to my life!

This weekend Steve and I had the privilege of performing at a ballroom dance outside of Rochester, NY. I find I don’t have that much to say about the show–we performed reasonably well, I remembered to smile, people clapped and cheered. Glad to go, glad it happened.

I also attended the SU drama show “Kiss Me Kate”, which was well produced, well sung, well acted, and reasonably well danced. In particular there was a lengthy swing dancing number that I enjoyed–though it was clear the cast has not had lead/follow partner dance experience. Still, minor quibbles, and it was fun. But holy tomato the sexism in the story was cringe-y.

Most of my mental energy this week is focused on my personal writing, as well as as scheduling my life for the next few months. I got invited to be involved with a couple cool dance projects in the coming months, and of course I had to say ‘yes’. Fingers crossed that these events get off the ground and actually take off, for there shall be much blog fodder between now and Christmas! Also lots of Google-ing songs with tree-themed lyrics. Bonus points if they are West Coast Swing.

For now, I shall remain glued to my keyboard during the day and glued to the studio at night. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

P.S.: Header photo credit to Hank Pajak

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