Teaching in Caz

Hi peeps!

Here’s where to stalk me in REAL LIFE–fancy that.

I’m teaching a four-week workshop series in Waltz starting today! It’ll be at the Cazenovia Municipal Building (address  below) at 7pm for the next four Tuesdays.

Honestly I haven’t decided what I’m teaching for all four lessons–some basics, technique, etc. I won’t know at which level to start and how far to go until I see who shows up. But I can guarantee that the evenings will be informative, entertaining, and waltz-y. I believe dance should be both fun and challenging, regardless of your starting level. (My university students can attest to the fact that I’m picky about technique and I make a lot of jokes. Or at least attempt to. I think I’m hilarious–you may not.)

Come by and check it out!

Address: 90 Albany St, Cazenovia, NY


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