Update on that Crazy Idea

Hi internet! Happy Monday.

So do you recall a month ago or so I wrote this? TL;DR, I had a mighty need to make something, and I had a concept.

Well, I’ve actually done it–in part. Yesterday I got a bunch of hapless souls–er, minions–er, friends–together and we filmed the first half of my dance video to “Say Something” by A Great Big World. Many of you may know that song as one Steve Ryan and I dance to often at his soirees, but in reality it’s a Viennese Waltz and I am using it to do a combined ballet/ballroom composition.

Yesterday was great fun, though the whole thing reminded me why One Does Not Schedule Things Outdoors in this place. The morning forecast said 90% chance of rain, but I decided to chance it based on the fact that the rain ‘start time’ kept getting pushed further into the future. Luckily that 10% won out, and it turned into a beautiful day to prance around Oakwood Cemetery in bare feet.

Run Holly Run!

The whole video won’t be finished for a while, as I am traveling to Utah next week and then need to film the second half when I return–and then of course all the editing. So far I’ve opened Adobe Premier, gulped, and closed it again. Software years really are like eons…

All this update-ery is to say, hey look! I’m doing the thing. I really don’t want to be that person who has a bunch of big plans and never follows through. This video isn’t going to be perfect, as it is a first attempt at music video-making, but everything has to start somewhere.

Until it’s done, enjoy this Gothic tableau, and if anyone has video editing advice, leave it in comments!


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