Things Holly Likes

Well lookie here, a bonus post!

I read a lot of a blogs, and one I’ve recently discovered is this: Things We Like, created by Jessica Gross. It’s part art piece, part salve for the anxious, part cultivated aesthetics by the multitudes of humanity. People write in with lists of things they like, from the sublime to the mundane, and she posts them. It reminds me a bit of the end of the play Our Town, where all the ghosts recall the things they miss about life–scooping into a fresh peanut butter jar sticks in my mind.

Oh right. Spoilers. #sorrynotsorry

Anyway I decided to do my own list. It is incomplete, but it is mine.

Things Holly Likes

1. Moments of telepathic connection between leader and follower in social dance.
2. “Baba Yetu” by Christopher Tin
3. Cuddling into my husband at the end of the day.
4. Light through mist, clouds, and waving leaves.
5. Bubbling homemade tomato sauce.
6. Laughing in unison.
7. “Parting Glass” by Peter Hollens
8. Inhaling the musty sweetness of the forest.
9. Beautiful hardback books.
10. Walking in moonlight.
11. Driving with the window down.
12. Pulling up at the end of a pirouette so you



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