On Goals, and Achieving Them

Hey internet–it’s been a while. There are lots of things in my life I ought to talk about right now, but I’m going to restrict myself to just a few. I’m sitting on some pretty exciting news, and while in many ways it is still developing, I don’t think I can keep my mouth shut about it much longer.

Recall, if you will, the “Dance Goals” I posted about 11 months ago. I was sitting on my mother-in-law’s couch in Virginia and thought it might be a good idea to lay out some things to aim for. Let’s see how I’ve measured up.

1.I want to choreograph and premier at least 4 pieces.

a) Two ballroom pieces for university, at least one of which is going break my ‘group piece’ mold and be a more theatrical 3-person Tango.
b) One non-ballroom piece that I actually get to perform. 
c) Co-create a new West Coast Swing routine with Mr. Steve Ryan. 

Did I create 4 pieces? Yes. No. Sort of. The three-person Tango did come into existence, and I’m quite fond of it, as well as its successor–this semester’s piece to ‘Quicksand’ by Caro Emerald. Did  I perform a non-ballroom piece? No. Did Steve and I make a new WCS piece. No. But I did initiate three non-ballroom projects, one of which was finished this year, one of which will be finished in the next week, and another which will be completed this coming spring.

More broadly, I’ve had to reckon with how I work as a choreographer, how I need to take the time to discover new music, and how I need to confront my discomfort of creating on my own body.

Overall? Success.

2.  Attend three ballet classes a week.

So I knocked this one out of the park. I’ve been taking ballet four days a week since like March, and haven’t looked back. I dance just about every day, and it’s the best.

3. Compete no more than once per month.

If you read any entry I’ve posted about competitions, it’s pretty clear I’m not overly fond of them. I jumped off the West Coast Swing comp boat early this year, and the end of my ballroom competition career is in sight. Listing this ‘goal’ ought to have been a sign to myself that I needed out, and I’m glad to say I am taking my own suggestion.

STRETCH GOAL: Initiate and help organize a Ballroom/Swing/Salsa showcase in my city.

This is where it gets interesting, folks.

This is 100% happening.

As of last week, it is confirmed that myself and the SU Ballroom Team will be hosting a Showcase in Goldstien Auditorium at the Schine Student Center on Sunday, April 23rd and 7pm.

Image result for celebration emoji


This announcement has been many months in the making, and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am. We are still in the early phases of planning–some acts are yet to be confirmed, but the date is set, the theater is booked, and rehearsals are underway. I am thrilled to be able to create a high-quality theatrical show of my choreography and that of talented artists I know and love. And you should come! Yes, you, blog-reader and dance enthusiast! I will definitely be posting more about this fantastic event as time marches onward–so stay tuned.

Holly out.

[mic drop]

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