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So I know I’m a bit behind the times, but last night I watched Regan of PeruseProject‘s Bookish Academy Awards BookTube video, and I knew I wanted to get in on the fun.

Here’s the premise: Take the books you read in 2016, and pick ‘award winners’ based on the Oscar categories.

Best Actor/Best Male Protagonist 

This award goes to the gloriously morally-grey Victor from VICIOUS by Victoria Schwab. He’s dark, he’s clever–and gawd knows I’m a sucker for a not-completely evil mad scientist.


Best Actress/Best Female Protagonist

She may not be the flashiest of characters, but Lady Trent from IN THE LABYRINTH OF DRAKES by Marie Brennan (the fourth installment in the Lady Trent series) is just the best. She’s witty, resourceful, and has grown into a wonderful character with so much to say about colonialism, feminism, and dragons.


Best Cinematography/Best World-building

This one I agonized over–but in the end I’m going with THE WATER KNIFE BY Paolo Bacigalupi. It’s dark, it’s intense, and the world is built so well you can taste the dust as you tear through it.


Best Original Screenplay/Best Plot-twist

And the winner is MORE THAN THIS by Patrick Ness. This pick transcends ‘plot-twist’, as the whole narrative is perfectly constructed to increase suspense and (non-irritating) ambiguity right up until the last page. One of the best YA books I’ve ever read.


Best Costume Design/Best Book Cover

For all my irritation with this series, the cover for INVASION OF THE TEARLING by Erika Johansen is freaking fantastic and exactly sets the tone for the text.


Best Supporting Actor and Actress/Best Supporting Characters 

Basically everyone from THE LONG WAY TO A SMALL, ANGRY PLANET by Becky Chambers. ‘nuf said.


Best Adapted Screenplay/Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation

I’m gonna preempt this one a little, since the Hulu mini-series has yet to be released, but the trailers give me FREAKING CHILLS every time I watch them. THE HANDMAID’S TALE is terrifying and relevant and I am totally going to watch it from behind the couch.


Best Animated Feature/ Best Book-to-Animation Adaption 

For this award I’m going to go with “book that would make a good animated movie” since none of my 2016 reads have been made into animated films (as far as I know). So the winner here is READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline. So much of this takes place in a digital world as is, so might as well go the distance and make it all animated.


Best Director/Best New Author 

This category is a bit tricky, since basically everyone I read in 2016 was ‘new’ to me. I’m going to go with Octavia Butler, since finally reading FLEDGLING made me want to find more by her.

Runner-up would be Patrick Ness, since reading one of his books made me seek out another.

Best Visual Effects/Best Action 

When I started out, I told myself I wouldn’t award repeats, but the fact of the matter is that this book simply had the best action scenes of any book I read all year. So here we are again with VICIOUS by V.E. Schwab. It’s just so good.


Best Short Film/Best Short Fiction

I didn’t read much short fiction last year, but luckily what I did read I enjoyed. The winner of this award goes to EVERY HEART A DOORWAY by Seanan McGuire, for its dark and compelling premise.


Best Documentary/Best Non-Fiction  

Obviously APOLLO’S ANGELS by Jennifer Homens. I would watch the heck out of a mini-series (or macro-series) documentary of this book. Ballet is at its core a visual art, so a film version would be fabulous.


Well that’s that! What do you think? What would be your picks for the Bookish Academy Awards?

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