Syracuse Ballroom Showcase

Hi Internet!

So by now you all know that I’m a dancer. And a choreographer. And a do-er of things.

And in just two weeks one of my largest projects ever is coming to fruition. It is….



This is going to be a super cool event–the first of it’s kind in the Syracuse area. There will be a full hour of showcase performance from both the SU Ballroom and local area artists, followed by a couple hours of social dancing.

For several years I’ve wanted to produce and direct my own show, specifically a show of original Ballroom and Swing choreography. As many of you probably know by now–Sven and I will be moving this summer, and so in many ways this show is my goodbye to the CNY dance community. It’s both the culmination of all the work I’ve done here, as well as a look forward to the work and shows I will produce in the years to come.

So come! Come enjoy, and come say goodbye.

Here’s where you can get tickets.


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