In Which I Join the 21st Century

Hi Internet–just a quick update for you this week. I am happy to announce that I have finally joined Instagram. I swear, I’m not anti-technology or anything, but it’s taken me several years to catch up on all the hip new apps. I still don’t *really* understand Snapchat.

(Oh. Apparently Instagram was first released for iOS in 2010. Oops)

So, if you would like to see (maybe) daily pictures of behind-the-scenes choreography stuff, wander over to your smartphone and follow natural_opposite. Laugh along as I over-use filters! Watch in rapture as I try and figure out what Bethany means by “aesthetic”! Imagine the swearing that occurs as I try to figure out how to capture clips when I’m alone in the studio!

Anyway–go follow me on Instagram! It might be fun.

Bonus photo! Taken by Eric Lam at RPI

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