Why NaturalOpposite?

Hi Internet–

Now that this site has gotten a bit of a make-over, I thought we could have a little chat about the title.

Why NaturalOpposite?

It’s a reference to a common turn of phrase in ballroom–the follower and leader often perform the “natural opposite” steps from one another. For example, the leader could step forward with their right, and the follower would step backward with their left–the mirror image.

Also–for most of my 25 years I’ve led a double-life. I’ve been a dancing engineer for almost seven years, and regardless of how much I grumble, I’m always going to be both artistic and technical. No matter how much the world tries to tell me art and science are opposites, in my life they have been entangled and complementary.

I have a lot of “natural opposites” in my life–art & science, ballet & ballroom, day job & night job. And yes, it is probably a case of “holly thinks she’s so clever” more than anything else, but I do like the double-meaning.

In any case–have a look around the new site! The paint’s still wet and patchy in a few places, but hopefully new and shiny.

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