Things Holly Likes

Well lookie here, a bonus post! I read a lot of a blogs, and one I've recently discovered is this: Things We Like, created by Jessica Gross. It's part art piece, part salve for the anxious, part cultivated aesthetics by the multitudes of humanity. People write in with lists of things they like, from the [...]

June Books and Life Update

Hello people of the internet! I hope you are doing well. June has been....well it's been a month. It turned into a bit of a blog-hiatus for me, not because I didn't have things to say, but mostly because what's running through my head lately is pretty repetitive. I'm trying de-tangle my life and goals [...]

April Showers Bring May…Books?

Happy end of May! It's been a weird month here in Central New York--summer weather, snow, more summer weather. The book-drought of April has given way, and I'm more than back on track for my yearly reading. I've read six books this month and 24 book total this year--48% of my goal of 50 books [...]

Reading in April

Happy Monday, denizens of the internet! And welcome to May, the month of AP exams, college graduations, and the cusp of summer. Following the smash-hit reading I did in March, April was more of a cricket-chirp. Between all the teaching, performing, traveling, and catch-up sleeping, I only read two books. [sad trombone] Luckily we make [...]

Mid-February Reading-Roundup

Let's talk books today, shall we? I've read four books since last I mentioned my literary life, and I'd like to give another go at the short-and-sweet review thing. FUTURISTIC VIOLENCE AND FANCY SUITS, David Wong This crazy-pants near-future sci fi thriller is by the same author as JOHN DIES AT THE END. I would [...]

Rapid-Fire Book Reviews

Hi peeps. How've you been? Read anything fun lately? In the bookish parts of the interwebs I've seen many people picking goals for number of books read in 2016. My number is 50. I came realleh realleh close last year, and that was with that little wedding thing eating my life, so I'm fairly confident [...]