Concert Dance

in a sleepier century

Composer Isaac Barzo approached fellow MFA Ben Howard and myself in spring 2018 to collaborate on the world premier of his 20-minute ballet in a sleepier century. After a whirlwind rehearsal process, the piece premiered in the Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theater on November 10th, 2018 with live orchestra conducted by Daniel Smith. The music and choreography use shape and repetition to explore loss and progress.

Act VI Pas de Deux

Fellow MFA Ben Howard and myself got talking about humor and gendered expectations in classical ballet in Fall 2017. Talking turned to studio time, and Act VI Pas de Deux premiered in April 2018 as part of the FSU Days of Dance adjudicated concert series. We designed and built the costumes ourselves, using the pieces in conjunction with the choreography to explore whether or not there is inherent humor in a gender-swapped performance.

Photos by Megan Helman