Commissioned by: Digital Dance Project production SNOWED IN, premiered December 4th, 2020

Tarrega Suite

During the COVID-19 lockdown I created a film project in collaboration with guitarist Cody Switzer.

Selected for: SF3 International Film Festival 2020

Here’s a taste:

Little Shoes, Big Frame

Little Shoes, Big Frame explores gender and bodily roles I play as a professional ballroom dancer. Set to the Caro Emerald song “Coming Back as a Man” from her 2012 album The Shocking Miss Emerald, this film features professional dancers from the Tallahassee Fred Astaire studio.

Selected for:

  • American Dance Festival’s Movies by Movers 2020
  • Tally Shorts Film Festival 2020
  • Central New York Ballroom Showcase 2019
  • Florida State University’s Day of Dance concert 2019


Ballroom. Technology. Robots. Rough cut!

Dinner, Date, Exsanguinate

As I was preparing to leave Syracuse, NY in 2017, I hatched a plan with fellow social dancer Andrew Banas to make a screendance using West Coast Swing. Very little narrative work with West Coast Swing exists for stage or screen, and this nutty and darkly humorous film was both a ton of fun to shoot and inspired me to explore social dance through film.