Glamour Addiction

Dear Dr. McMains, I recently read your book Glamour Addiction. It took me all of a few paragraphs for my eyebrows to go up, and all of five pages to grab a pencil, defacing the margins with comments like “YAASSS” and “yes this!” Allow me to explain. We have similar back-stories, Dr. McMains. I started [...]

Dance Goals 2016

(Clearly I don't know what a hiatus is.) It's that time of year again, where people name out all kind of things they want to accomplish in the calendar year. Historically I've ignored the 'resolution' thing, being a bit cynical about people claiming to be instigating drastic changes in their lives without thinking through the [...]

Cornell Competition Recap

Hello again readers! Today I'd like to relate the events of this past Saturday--a stint in Ithaca, NY at the Cornell Dancesport Classic, an annual college-hosted Ballroom competition. Myself, my partner-in-crime, my partner-in-Standard, and four other SU students got up before dawn, shambled into cars, and drove down to Ithaca College. As unpleasantly early and [...]