How Long is Too Long?

Hi Internet. It's been a while, I know. The life highlight is this: so long Syracuse, bye bye Boston, felicitations Florida. More to follow. Let's move on to something I've been tossing around in my brain for the past couple weeks. Before I left Syracuse, I had a conversation with a couple dancer friends about [...]

Hamilton, Amadeus, and the Lie of the Individual

It's happened, Internet. I knew I couldn't escape it forever. And this weekend, having an unusual amount of free time, I broke down. And bought the Hamilton Cast Recording. Why have I waited so long, you ask? This is post-viral, post-Tony's, post-any reasonable amount of time to catch up on the cultural phenomenon that is [...]

Trumpets in the Quart: My First Music Video

I'm a skeptical person. It doesn't take long, when walking into a new situation, for concerns to seed, grow, and flower into doubts regarding the success of a project. It's not that I'm eagerly waiting for people fail--I've just seen it enough times that I've developed a healthy caution for ambitious undertakings. But at the [...]