September Reading Frenzy!

Hi internet--let's talk books. This month has been a watershed month in terms of reading quantity. After a much-needed vacation, I discovered how to get e-books from our library, and so now I've read everything I could get my hands and eyeballs on. Also B&N had a sale on SFF, so. You know. CHILDREN OF [...]

August Books

Well, I'm back. Hi internet! I have returned from gallivanting across Iceland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. My brain has returned to the correct time-zone, but I'm still not sure what day it is. I intend to write at least two posts on our travels, but first thing's first--a book round-up. After my slack-off in July, [...]

April Showers Bring May…Books?

Happy end of May! It's been a weird month here in Central New York--summer weather, snow, more summer weather. The book-drought of April has given way, and I'm more than back on track for my yearly reading. I've read six books this month and 24 book total this year--48% of my goal of 50 books [...]


"I am writing this for you. My enemy. My friend. You know, already, you must know. You have lost"(1). What an opening, and oh boy, what a book. The premise of THE FIRST FIFTEEN LIVES OF HARRY AUGUST by Claire North is basically that of the movie "Groundhog Day", but turned up to 11. Certain [...]


Good morning and welcome back to my world, dear readers!      Today let's look at my latest review-read for Curiosity Quills Press--an upcoming November 9th release entitled A SWIFT KICK IN THE ASTEROIDS, by Edward Zajac. This is his first published book, and it follows an adventure of an IT worker and a privateer [...]

Book Review: SEVENEVES

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today let's take a walk through SEVENEVES, the newest epic by Sci-fi author extraordinaire Neal Stephenson. Published this year, SEVENEVES is the third book I've read by Stephenson, and this blagh is going to feature details from all three--ANATHAM, SNOW CRASH, and this his latest feat of speculative fiction. Spoilers ahead! I [...]