Theater and Opera


In Fall 2017 I was approached by the FSU Opera department to aid in the production of the Leonard Bernstein opera Candide. Directed by Matthew Lata and opening November 2017, I got a wonderful crash course in choreographing on 2 casts, 35 total singers on FSU’s Ruby Diamond Concert Hall.

A New Brain

In summer 2018 FSU Theatre gave me the opportunity to choreograph their fall musical, William Finn’s A New Brain. With a cast of 12 and a chamber orchestra, this emotional and intimate show directed by Tom Ossowski allowed me to explore theatrical movement, character, and story in the 3/4 thrust Lab Theater. The show premiered November 2018 and changed my life.

South Pacific

Immediately upon closing A New Brain, I was hired by Quincy Music Theatre to choreography their February 2019 production of R&H’s South Pacific. Directed by Nick Henn, the challenge of re-staging the 1949 show made me think about the Golden Age musical’s place in contemporary culture and the revisionist nature of musicals in all phases of life. I also had the opportunity to coach more actor movement than in previous shows, and I look forward to exploring that production aspect further.