The Near Future

Hello internet! Happy Wednesday.

This week’s post is going to be less thoughtful, more “here’s what’s what for the next few weeks”.

So here’s what’s what:

We’re going on vacation!

The Sven and I, along with some friends, are going to Iceland and the Netherlands. (And Belgium? Hopefully?)

AND I AM SUPER DUPER EXCITED OK. We’re leaving Friday, we’ll be gone for two weeks, and one of two things will happen to Natural Opposite.

  1. I will post a couple travel blogs along the way, including pictures and stories of our adventures.
  2. I will not have internet/not touch my computer/the trip will actually be horrendously boring, and so all travel-blog-y updates will have to wait until my return. After Labor Day.

Which one? I don’t know! And I’m not about to make promises that I can’t keep, especially on this trip, which is shaping up to be the last bit of real freedom I’m going to have for nearly a year. I love my busy life, but right now I desperately need an interruption, a calm before the storm of applications, training, choreography, and stage management. Oh yeah and that day job I have, right that. [guilty gulp]

Anyway–not thinking about all that just yet. Eyes on the prize: the European Adventure. I’m very nearly finished with all the Duolingo lessons in Dutch, and I look forward to making a fool of myself trying to speak it. (Actually I really don’t; I hate saying the wrong thing. At least I can pronounce Spanish–Dutch is trickier.)

Whether or not I have the ability or inclination to post during the trip, I hope you all have a lovely two weeks. See you on the other side.

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