Vampire Video!

So once upon a time I directed and produced a Showcase. And in that process I had the pleasure to collaborate with a Michigan-turned-Syracuse fellow by the name of Andrew Banas. The story of how we came to work together is convoluted, but needless to say it was a good time and resulted in that header photo above.

After the Showcase dust settled, we decided to put our choreographic heads together and create something before I left town. The back-and-forth music trade was a flurry rivaling that of a Syracuse snowstorm, but we eventually settled on something with…teeth. Have a look!

I had a ton of fun making this goofy little video. The videographer and editor, Paul Banas, worked magic with cheap lights, turning a cramped, day-light-filled living room into an atmospheric date-night bower. That knife and fork? All him.


Black garbage bags are surprisingly effective at blocking light. We were all disoriented as to the time of day for the duration of filming!

It’s cliché, but I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard on a project. Between the wine gag, the goopy makeup, and creeping out the neighbors, the 36 hours of filming were definitely a highlight of 2017. Stay tuned for the blooper reel later this week for evidence!

In that vein–heh–I also have extra appreciation for actors who have to wear prosthetic makeup. I spent the better part of two days caked in foundation and powder over what felt like half my body. It was sticky, it was itchy, and it didn’t come off for an entire week. I tip my hat to all Orcs, aliens, and zombies.


I’ve always liked watching and dissecting movies, and this process has only solidified my interest in film-making–particularly dance film. Seeing (a bit) of the process on a (very) small scale was fascinating, and all I want to do is make more. Paul was generous enough to say that I was a good director. Hopefully someday I will live up to that.

Thanks to Paul, Andrew, Bethany, and Sven for helping this quirky project come to life! To everyone else–we hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think!

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